Saturday, 7 November 2009

Customer's Feedback

Hey Loves,

We have decided to put in customer's feedback in our blogshop because we would like other shoppers outside to know what are the feedbacks from our customers who had joined our UNITED KINGDOM SPREE. Once again, I would like to thank all of you for supporting us. Pls do support us from time to time. =) Your feedback is really important to us so that we can improve to serve you better!!

Thank you for supporting us!

*Carolyn Goh*

Item received :) :) :)
Loving this idea of UK spree, loving the service provided - friendly communication and totally super fast delivery, and absolutely going to buy more from you. Thanks hun. Will DEFINITELY come back for more :).


Hey, regarding the yellow dress ( ASOS) i bought from you, me love it very much. i love the material. and i love the cutting, its like its tailored for me. :) And, good job on the service! Now, I dont have to go to malls just to have my retail theraphy. I just go to tinytot. i even put you on my bookmark list. :)


hey there

i've received my dress.. thank you its lovely.. pleasure soing business wit you..


hey dear,
I got the items from your friend already. Love the shoes! Cant wait til my fren sees her dresses haha. Thanks so much. =)
Will definitely order more if there are more sales in the future haha. So worth it. =)
And its so kind of your friend to help out for the cod. Thank him again for me yea?

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  1. item received.... nice packaging,will definitely order more from you..... thanks ....;)